Moving from mediocre to the magnificent.  Change is part of life.  Looking for the universal threads that are applicable to all of us.

In this podcast we discuss the topic of being fabulous- ARE YOU FABULOUS?  Are you comfortable with who you are?  DO YOU BELIEVE YOU ARE FABULOUS?  Why or why not?  Do you apologize for who you are?

Looking for the first steps in change.

Step one is AWARENESS.

Look back at your aspirations through out your life.

What were or are your hopes and dreams?

Did you want to look a certain way or feel a certain way?

Did you want to make a difference?

Share your ideas on our blog.

If something is something is not happening by you it is happening by you.

Set a deadline – Create a Body Illumination Journal  (the beginning of your transformation).

Articulate what is going on INSIDE.

Give yourself a deadline to come-up with some details.

Write down and answer the following:

I feel fabulous when-

I feel fabulous physically when

I feel fabulous spiritually when

I feel fabulous mentally when

And add your own…

Who makes you feel fabulous?

What places make you feel fabulous?

What activities make you feel fabulous?

What make you NOT feel fabulous?

When you are rushed, overwhelmed, overworked…

Next time, we will discuss some ways to get us back on track and make sure you are always feeling fabulous, alive and illuminated.

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